NBA Draft Lottery Simulator: Day Two

By: Jake Mackey

In just five days the NBA Draft Lottery will take place, which means the future of the Boston Celtics franchise is just hanging in the balance waiting on what pick they may receive. The Celtics received the Brooklyn Nets top pick in this draft in a 2013 trade. Due to the fact that Brooklyn finished 21-61 this past season, Boston now has the third best odds of landing the top pick (15.60%) behind only the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers. Yesterday Beantown Blitz writer Chris Frangolini conducted a draft simulator via Therefore, today I will be conducting one as we get closer and closer to lottery day.

The simulator once again has the Celtics landing at number five, where they select Buddy Hield. A 6-4, shooting guard out of Oklahoma who stole the show in last year’s tournament. Hield is 22 which may mean his development time could take less time than that of Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram. However, ultimately this would be a disappointment for Celtics fans because if your now in the top two of this draft, you can’t deal that pick for anything.


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