Stop Panicking About Gronk Being On the Madden Cover

By: Jake Mackey

It is very rare that a video game cover release sends shock waves through a fan base, but it did happen Thursday night when it was announced that Rob Gronkowski would be the cover boy for EA Sports Madden NFL 17, the 28th version of the game. Patriots fan Twitter was buzzing about this announcement, and the vast majority of fans were against the move because of the history of Madden cover boys. The, “Madden Curse” is making Patriots fans very anxious right now, which is just simply preposterous.

The Madden Curse had its reign of terror in the 2000’s. EA Sports first started putting players on the cover in their 2001 version of the game with Eddie George. The curse did not kick in until 2003 with Michael Vick. The season the game was released, Vick broke his leg in the fifth game of the year. In addition, in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009, Donovan Mcnabb, Shaun Alexander, Vince Young, and Troy Polamalu all fell victim to the curse. Whether it was injury or just poor performance for the remainder of their careers, they all were effected somehow.

The last time the Madden Curse really effected a good player was seven years ago with Troy Polamalu. This decade, players such as Drew Brees, Calvin Johnson, Richard Sherman, and Odell Beckham Jr. have put the curse to rest. If Rob Gronkowski gets hurt it will be because a guy like TJ Ward takes a shot at his knee, not because he was on the cover of a video game. Don’t get me wrong I am as superstitious as ever when it comes to my sports teams. I just can’t get wrapped up in this Rob Gronkowski Madden Curse talk because the curse has been put to rest.

Drew Brees broke passing yards records when he was the cover boy, Richard Sherman’s team went to the Super Bowl, and Odell Beckham Jr. just had another stellar season. Expect, “Gronk to be Gronk” in 2016, and that mean being the best tight end in the history of the game.

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