Could The Patriots Be Without Edelman and Amendola Week One?

The sentiment around Patriots fandom this off season has been that the wide receiver depth chart is extremely deep. It consists of Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, Keshawn Martin, Aaron Dobson, Nate Washington, and rookie Malcolm Mitchell. After hearing last week that Julian Edelman had a, “clean up” procedure on his foot recently, that depth took a bit of a hit. Now, on Monday morning we are hearing  that Danny Amendola has had multiple surgeries since the season ended in January.

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald stated via Twitter, “Danny Amendola is still recovering from off-season knee & ankle surgeries, per source. At this point, too early to know when he’ll be ready.” Howe continued, “Both surgeries occurred after the playoffs. They had to clean up the knee after dealing with that issue late in the season. Still rehabbing. Amendola had a bone spur in his ankle. That was a quick fix, not as much of an issue as the knee. On the timeline, there’s hope Amendola will be ready for training camp but it’s way too early to know if Week 1 is even a guarantee.”

After hearing this news, it is quite easy to understand why Danny Amendola took such a hefty pay cut a few weeks back.

The news on these surgeries to both Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman in the past week is certainly not good news if you are a Patriots fan. The Edelman injury seems to be fairly minor. However, Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston stated in his Sunday notes column, “There is a common link between Patriots receiver Julian Edelman and Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant this off-season, as both underwent second surgeries for similar foot injuries.” Reiss went on to say, “As for the timeline, Bryant is not yet fully cleared but is expected to do more at upcoming organized team activities.”

Dez Bryant had his surgery on January 6th, and is still not fully recovered. If him and Edelman are on the same track, that would mean Edelman would just be ready to start participating in mid-September. Therefore, now we are talking about possibly not having Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola for week one. My hand is slipping closer and closer to the panic button.

I have previously stated that Jimmy Garoppolo should go no less than 3-1 in his four games while Tom Brady serves his suspension. However, without the two best wide receivers on the roster I may have to tweak that to 2-2. Rob Gronkowski is the most explosive player on the offense, but Edelman makes everything go. That is especially important for a young quarterback to have. Then you take away the back up to Edelman and you are really in trouble. Edelman and Amendola doing everything is usually seen as a good thing, but rehabbing from surgery is not one of those instances.







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