Patriots Positional Roster Review: Quarterback

By: Jake Mackey

We have officially hit the most quiet time of the National Football League schedule. The draft is a few weeks in the past, and mini-camps is still a couple of weeks away, and we are still more than two months away from the first training camp practices. Therefore, the best thing to do for now is to evaluate the rosters, and here at Beantown Blitz that means evaluating the Patriots roster, position by position. Today the quarterback spot is evaluated.

Tom Brady: The start of the 2016 season will not have the excitement it has the previous 14-seasons with Tom Brady being suspended for the first four weeks. However, when he comes back in week five against the Cleveland Browns, he will be well-rested and will have a plethora of targets around him to throw to. Last season, with his best receiver out for the seven weeks, and his offensive line in shambles, Brady threw for 4770 yards, and 36 touchdowns. Now Brady has Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennent as his tight ends. Those are two players in the 6-6, 275 pound range. That is tough to cover in the red zone. In addition, at receiver Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Chris Hogan lead the way. There is talent in the slot, where Brady thrives, and also players like Hogan and Keshawn Martin can get outside if you desperately need it.

 Jimmy Garoppolo: Patriots fans will finally find out in September if all the hype that has surrounded Jimmy Garoppolo for two years is legitimate or not. Garoppolo will have the luxury of playing at Gillette Stadium for three of those four games. It is hard to take a stance right now on whether or not Garoppolo is legitimate because he has seen the field so few times. The only real live game action you can look to i week 17 in 2014 against Buffalo in Foxborough when he went 10-17, for 90 yards, and zero touchdowns. In addition, based off personal observations from being at many of the training camp practices over the past two years, I have not seen much of an improvement from year-to-year. Garoppolo takes way too much time in the pocket, and does not have the presence of a true pocket passer, which the Patriots offense is based around.

Jacoby Brissett: If there is a player that screams Patriots draft pick, it is Jacoby Brissett out of North Carolina State whom the Patriots took in this past draft’s fourth round. Brissett grew up and played high school football in the hometown of Bill Parcells. Parcells mentored Brissett throughout his high school and college days. The man who first recruited Brissett to Florida was Charlie Weis before he transferred to Raleigh. Brissett is 6-4, 231 pounds and is a true pocket passer that fits the Patriots system well. In addition, he can take off and run if necessary. He moves more like a tight end than a quarterback.





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