Tom Brady Will Appeal Four-Game Suspension

By: Jake Mackey

The 16-month long and counting saga that is, “deflate-gate” has had a new chapter added to it on Monday morning. Tom Brady and the NFL Players Association have made the decision to go forth and asked for an “en banc” hearing before the United States Second Circuit Court. If that court were to deny Brady, he will more than likely take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

Tom Brady’s lawyer Ted Olson spoke with ABC News on Monday morning. He stated, “The facts here are so drastic, and so apparent, that the court should rehear it.”

Brady has been loading up with his legal team and is clearly ready to take this thing as far as he can possibly go, to the dismay of many. Personally, I have been fed with this situation since the first week. If Brady has to serve the four weeks so be-it, the Patriots go 2-2 worst case scenario. Many media members and fans at this point have the attitude that Brady should just pack it in, and take the punishment even if he is innocent.

However, there is one person who has suffered the most in this whole controversy, and that is Tom Brady. His name and his character have been dragged through the mud and he has been labeled as a cheater in the eyes of 31 fan bases no matter what the facts say. Just last week he was on a list with the likes of Michael Vick, Ray Rice, and Greg Hardy that listed the most hated NFL players of all-time. Brady has the wealth to take this thing as far as he wants and he should because even when he is denied and has to sit out the four games, he can say he took it to the limit because he was innocent.

Side note: According to the Boston Globe, the Second Circuit Court has heard just 0.028% of appeals like Brady’s. Therefore, this may very well be going to the Supreme Court.









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