Clay Buchholz Moved To The Bullpen

By: Jake Mackey

It was reported first late Friday afternoon by Tim Britton of the Providence Journal that Clay Buchholz will be moved to the bullpen. Britton stated via Twitter, “Rodriguez will start Tuesday. Clay Buchholz to the bullpen, Farrell told reporters in Toronto.”

The long-awaited move by all of Red Sox Nation has finally happened. Clay is finally going to the bullpen with his 2-5 record and 6.35 ERA and all Red Sox fans rejoice. Eduardo Rodriguez will start in his place.

Clay Buchholz has been a major disappointment for the vast majority of his career. He is the perfect example of a guy with all the tools and but has zero grit, and absolutely no drive to make himself better.

This move by John Farrell is just another example this year of him trying to rid the clubhouse of the stench that has been there for the past two seasons. First he sends Rusney Castillo to the minors even given his contract, Pablo Sandoval has been told to go away, and now we have Clay Buchholz has been moved to the bullpen. It is yet another step in the right direction. Even if he fails as a long-reliever it is still better than him pitching every five days.


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