Am I A Bad Celtics Fan If I’m Rooting For Lebron?

By: Jake Mackey

Throughout the long history of Boston sports there have been so many great teams throughout the four main sports. With greatness usually comes competition and competition creates the best part of sports, the rivalry. Rivalries are made from distain for another team, or more particularly a single player.

For Boston fans, names like Peyton Manning, Alex Rodriguez, and P.K. Subban come to mind when you think of players that are hated specifically within the six state region of New England. However, Boston fans for a long-time now have a mutual hatred with the rest of the country, and that is their hate for Lebron James.

As a die-hard Celtics fan, I have always despised Lebron, not just on the court but off. The constant need for attention on Twitter with the, “Zero Dark 23”  non-sense that he does, not to mention the fact that he commonly refers to himself in the third-person. On the court the flopping and crying to the officials the one time out of a thousand that he doesn’t get a call is just nauseating.

Lebron Crying


Nevertheless, in these NBA Finals I will be rooting for Lebron and the Cavaliers for a multitude of reasons. The main reason is because I want to see what happens when the city of Cleveland wins their first major sports championship since 1964 when the Browns won the NFL Championship (pre-Super Bowl so that sorta doesn’t count, so you have to go back to 1948 for the Indians).

The other reason would be because I am just annoyed with all that is the Golden State Warriors. The cockiness of the team and the fans in just two years has become insufferable. The catch and shoot from downtown method is one that just seems way to cute, and I would love to see the power and athleticism of Lebron take over in this series. I guess I know how the other 31 NFL fan bases have felt for the past 15-years. In addition, the constant need for the media to protect everything Steph Curry does is extremely obnoxious. Lets use the Western Conference Finals as an example.

In game two when Curry dropped 28-points on OKC in a 118-91 win, the sentiment on ESPN and other outlets was, “Wow look at Steph fight through this injury and dominate.” Then when Golden State dropped two straight, the same people were already loading up the excuse train with, “Well, if they lose this series you can’t blame them because Steph is clearly battling through injury.” You cannot have it both ways.

Therefore, yes I will be rooting for Lebron and the city of Cleveland in these finals. The story of the, “King” (that pains me to call him that) coming back and stealing the throne from the new kid on the block in Steph Curry is a cool story worth rooting for in my opinion. If that means I have to pass in my green-teamer card than so-be-it.

Side note: I also recently watched the new ESPN 30 for 30 titled, “Believeland.” I dare you to root against the Cavs in the Finals after watching that.



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