Durant to Boston, What Will It Take?

By: Jake Mackey

The Boston Celtics are facing the most important summer arguably they have ever had as franchise, and it all starts in just a few weeks. It appeared as though last week, all the Kevin Durant to Boston dreams were going to be completely put to bed as Oklahoma City got out to a 3-1 series lead in the Western Conference Finals. Nevertheless, Golden State did what Golden State does and now Kevin Durant and the Thunder are more focused on what island they are jet setting to instead of how to stop Lebron and Kyrie.

On July 1st, NBA teams will officially be able to start negotiating contracts with free agents, and you can be sure that more than a hand full of cities will be rolling out the red carpet, (or in Boston’s case, green carpet) for superstar Kevin Durant.

The Celtics signing Kevin Durant would be the fastest way for the franchise to elevate back to the creme of the crop in the NBA. It would be the Kevin Garnett trade 2.0. However, in order for Durant to sign with Boston, many things would need to fall into place and there are many factors at hand.

First of all, the best case scenario for Celtics fans right now would to be for Cleveland to continue to get their doors blown off in the Finals. It will just show how anemic the Eastern Conference is, and that it could be Durant’s for the taking.

In addition, the Celtics need to add another viable star to go along with Isiah Thomas. Before the draft lottery, the likely case would be to trade for Jimmy Butler if you were to fall into the top two. Well the Celtics sit at pick number three, and they may have to settle for a trade for the likes of Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor. Both solid young big men that the Celtics could use, but Durant may not want to play with, “developmental” players.

Throughout all the Kevin Durant free agency rumors that have floated around this entire year, one sentiment has been a constant, and that is that Durant does not care about marketability. He supposedly does not care about playing for the likes of Miami, Los Angeles, or New York because they are big markets. He’s not like the other NBA stars, he wears backpacks to press conferences instead of crazy outfits like other stars. However, on the other side of things could his shoe company that he signed with (Nike) care where he signs? You bet they do.

While Nike influencing Durant could be a negative for Celtics fans dreaming of wearing green, there is some rays of hope. Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe brought up an interesting point on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Saturday morning. He said that Nike may want to branch out to a good sized market like Boston because of the basketball tradition and the passion for sports. He said he could picture the commercial now; Cousy, Russell, Bird, Pierce, now Durant is donning the green.

Sort of like this gem of a commercial from 2007,

All this right now is just speculation, and as we all know as Celtics fans Durant to Boston is a long-shot, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some things that could still fall the Celtics way in all this madness.


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