Kevin Durant Offered Free Crab Legs For Life In Massachusetts

By: Jake Mackey

Well it isn’t official, but we are now getting closer now to Kevin Durant becoming a Celtic. Kevin Durant has been offered free king crab legs for life by Legal Sea Foods if he were to sign with the Boston Celtics this summer.

The popular seafood restaurant told on Wednesday,  “When we heard that NBA free agent Kevin Durant’s favorite food is crab legs, we knew it was time to take an active role in the Celtics’ pursuit of ‘Banner 18. The Washington, D.C. native has long expressed his affinity for decapod crustaceans – even collaborating with Nike on a signature KD VI Maryland Blue Crab sneaker in 2013 – and now we’re trying to bait Durant to Boston with the promise of free crab legs. We think it’s time KD makes Boston his next home. Available on ten of our menus throughout Massachusetts, we’re offering Durant complimentary king crab legs anytime he visits one of those in-state restaurants while a member of the Boston Celtics team.”

This is quite the power move by Legal Sea Foods. You can offer Nike commercial branding, your name and picture all over the city of Boston, and not to mention boat loads of money, but one thing the Celtics cannot offer is the connivence of free crab legs at the always great Legal Sea Foods. The Celtics needed a little help from a local sponsor to nail down that deal.

Now you may think that free food to a millionaire athlete is nothing. However, Kevin Durant is the guy that wears elementary school backpacks to press conferences instead of $5,000 pairs of shoes like other NBA stars. Free crab legs may actually be a huge plus for Durant. There are six Legal Sea Food restaurants within city limits, and 12 in the Greater Boston area that Durant could attend on a regular basis. Whether he is on his way home from a home game in the city going towards the Back Bay or Christmas shopping at the Burlington Mall, Durant can get free king crab legs at his connivence.

This must really sting for a team like the Washington Wizards, where crab legs are a big deal. I am pretty sure crab legs are not even in the top ten on the New England seafood rankings. So far, I think it is pretty safe to say that Boston is leading the Durant sweepstakes when it comes to off the court things to offer. Your move rest of the NBA.


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