David Price Has Not Been What The Red Sox Need Him To Be

By: Jake Mackey

When the Boston Red Sox signed David Price this past offseason, it was assumed that the Sox would finally have that ace in their rotation that you can rely on every five days to carry you to victory no matter what the situation. Price was not signed to be the Rick Porcello type of ace from 2015, he was signed to be the type of ace that gets paid one-million dollars per start.

Price has a 7-3 record currently, which you could defiantly say is ace worthy. However, if you watch his starts on a regular basis you can tell that he just hasn’t been what he was expected to be all offseason. His delivery is painfully slow. So slow that Jim Murray of the Felger and Mazz program on 98.5 the Sports Hub has dubbed Price with the nickname, “Price-K”.

What you really need an ace for is when you are slumping, and you need to rely on your big money guy to pull you out of the gutter. A perfect example of Price not doing that was last Friday against Toronto. The Red Sox batts had been on fire for the entire week, but they had just lost two straight in Baltimore because the pitching gave up 12 and 13 runs each night. Coming back to Fenway on Friday night they needed Price to bail them out.

Price pitched decent. Just decent. He had two earned runs, but he never seemed to roll. Right off the top in the first inning he gave up a 400-foot homer to Edwin Encarnacion. The Red Sox had to play from behind the entire night, and the batts were silent leading to a 5-2 loss.

Flashback to Wednesday night in an intense pitchers duel between David Price and Madison Bumgarner. Price had arguably had his best outing of the year, but given his year that is not saying too much. He had seven strikeouts and only gave up three hits. Nevertheless, two of those hits were home runs in the bottom of the fourth to Brandon Belt and in the bottom of the eighth to Matt Williamson, ultimately leading to the  Red Sox loss.

Obviously Price is not the cause of the loss. There were some odd managerial decisions in the ninth offensively that could have lead the Red Sox to victory. These are just little things that have annoyed me as a fan who was excited to see Price take the hill for the Red Sox.

Plain and simple, Price is not acting like a million-dollar per start ace like the team needs him to be, and until he starts acting like one the Red Sox should not plan on playing late into October.

Just think if the season comes down to a one-game playoff, and Price is on the mound. How confident are you? Personally, I would not put my money on Price carrying the team to victory.



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