Potential Red Sox Trade Targets and Roster Moves

Our friends at The Swing of Things take a look at potential Red Sox roster improvements…

The Swing of Things

Red Sox trade

Despite a split in San Francisco and a pummeling of the lowly Twins, the Boston Red Sox entered this week having lost 6 of their last 12 and are in dire need of a shakeup. It’s time for Dave Dombrowski to show the aggressive problem-solving approach that made him so successful in Detroit.

The team has not only been losing games, but players, too: shutdown set-up man Carson Smith was shut down for the year, catcher and leftfielder-by-default Blake Swihart suffered a gruesome ankle injury, and Ryan Hanigan – who has been taking an absolute BEATING – followed him to the DL with neck stiffness.

To make matters worse, all of the lineup regulars who overachieved during the team’s historic May are now regressing to the mean as expected. Travis Shaw has just one home run in his last 17 games and he has hit just .194 over that span (his sky-high…

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