Attention Red Sox: Fire John Farrell Now

By: Jake Mackey

After a stellar first two months of the season where the Red Sox were hitting the ball at a historic pace, and the team sat in first place for the majority of the time, the sox now sit at 42-36, five and a half games behind Baltimore now for first place in the AL East. A 4-0 loss to the lowly Tampa bay Rays on Wednesday capped off an abysmal 10-16 June for the Red Sox, their worst one since 2002.

Boston sits at 17th in the league in team ERA, and they are only that high due to Steven Wright’s 2.18 ERA. Behind that they are putrid. David Price who makes a million-dollars per start has a 4.74, and Eduardo Rodriguez who had a very solid 2015 with a 3.85, has been ruined by John Farrell this season with an anemic 8.59.

Yet yesterday after David Price gave up four runs to one of the worst line ups in baseball, Farrell said that he thought Price, “Had his best stuff of the season.” Price himself would disagree. He told the media after the loss, “I’m not setting the tone the way that I need to. It’s tough. I’m so much better than this. I’ve just got to get better. It’s crushing me right now, but I’ll get there. ” Anyone who watched the game knows Price did not have nearly his best stuff, and you would think the, “pitching guru” John Farrell would know that.

That brings me to my next point which is that why is it that Farrell who has been so highly acclaimed for being a pitching coach, has had such a terrible rotation for the past three seasons. In 2014 they were 23rd in ERA, 2015 they were 25th, and this year they sit at 17th and they are on a steady decline.

Of course Dave Dombrowski deserves a fair share of the blame, because he left Farrell with this pitching staff this season. However, he did go and get the best free agent pitcher on the market and acquired a supposed top-notch closer. Neither of which have panned out on the mound, and that goes back to the players and the manager.

Now the Red Sox face a three game series against the 32-47 Los Angeles Angels, and if they even go 1-2 Farrell needs to be sent packing before this thing really unravels. If he isn’t than expect Farrell to be around for the remainder of the year, and expect yet another cellar finish, because that’s the kind of manager John Farrell is, a last place one. He caught lighting in a bottle for one season, but other than that he has been atrocious for multiple organizations, and it is about time he is sent on his way before Red Sox fans lose yet another baseball season.


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