Kevin Durant Signs With Golden State

By: Jake Mackey

Celtics fans will remember their least favorite Independence Day as this one from now on, as all their dreams of banner 18 coming in the next few years were crushed by the announcement from Kevin Durant via the Players Tribune that he will be signing with the Golden State Warriors.

Part of Durant’s decision was because he wanted to learn about his, “evolution as a man.” Oh yeah Kevin you’re going to grow so much as a man having to grind out victories with a lineup of five All-Stars. This move has single-handedly ruined what the NBA has re-invented itself to be in the past five years.

Now it’s back to one super star team and Cleveland, and everyone else is just playing for third place. The other 28 teams will just spend the 2016-2017 season building themselves up for the next season where maybe they can compete.

What a fraud Durant is as well. All this talk we have heard about him the past nine years is that he’s not like the other stars in the league. He wears backpacks to press conferences not $10,000 suits, and doesn’t need to be in a big market. Well now he is in one of the biggest sports media markets in the country and he is joining a team that won 73-games in the regular season this past year.

The hypocrisy!

This is much worse than Lebron James joining Miami in 2010. The Heat were the fifth best team in the east the previous year, not a record breaking squad with one of the top two players in the game on their roster.

At least we now have a new public enemeny number one in Boston. First you get our hopes up Kevin, then you disrespect Tom Brady, now you are in for a lifetime of boos and creative insults at the Garden. Thanks KD you just ruined the NBA.


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