Randy Moss and Wes Welker Will Work Out With Brady During Suspension

(Photo: Boston.cbslocal.com)

By: Jake Mackey

When Tom Brady accepted his four game suspension a few weeks back, Patriots fans started muttering the idea jokingly that maybe he would call up old pals such as Randy Moss and Wes Welker to play catch with him during his four week suspension where he cannot be around the team. Well according to soon-to-be Patriots Hall of Fame member Kevin Faulk, that may very well be the reality.

Faulk appeared on NESN Sports Today on Sunday and was asked about what he thought Brady would do during his suspension.

“Oh, he’s definitely going to work. There’s no doubt in my mind. He’ll probably do the same regimen that he’s been doing for the last however many years he’s been playing football, stay in that routine. And yes, I’m almost positive Wes Welker’s going to be here. He probably will reach out to Randy, and Randy will come, because Randy’s still in good shape. Real good shape.” Faulk also stated in the interview that he frequently still stays in touch with Moss, and just got back from vacation with him and Vince Wilfork.

tom throw.gif

randy catch

(GIF Credit: Giphy.com)

This whole story just continues to get better and better. I can’t help but think that now Faulk may join them to imitate Dion Lewis. Let’s not forget Kevin Faulk is now a high school football coach in his home state of Louisiana, therefore Brady and his gang may have a full 11-man defense to go up against. It would not look much different than what Brady, Moss, and Welker did to opposing defense’s in the 2007 regular season.

What is Brady going to do next to make this suspension even more enjoyable for Patriots fans? Possibly go to home games and host his own tailgate party in the Gillette Stadium parking lot. I would not rule anything out at this point, Tom is going full rogue.

Furthermore, a lot of Patriots fans including myself have been a little salty with Wes Welker since his postseason drops in 2011 and 2012, and the way in which he departed Foxborough, but this is a great way to get back in our good graces. He has all but cemented himself in the team’s Hall of Fame with this move.



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