Patriots Fans Need To Tap The Breaks When It Comes To Jimmy Garoppolo


By: Jake Mackey

Since Tom Brady’s four-game suspension was re-instated in April, the common sentiment is that the team will go 3-1 without their Hall of Fame quarterback. I completely agree with this. Not because I think Jimmy Garoppolo is the second coming, but because this is the most talented Patriots team 1 to 53, that we have seen since 2007. If the Patriots go any less than 3-1, it will be solely due in part to Jimmy Garoppolo under performing. However, I feel as though I am in a minority among Patriots fans by thinking this way.

When I tuned into 98.5 The Sports Hub on Saturday morning the hosts were having a discussion of who will be the best starting quarterback in the AFC East come week one. They all had Jimmy Garoppolo at number two behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, and they were even making the argument about how he could be better than him. Are you serious? What are we basing this off of?

If you are going off what we seen thus far this summer, all we have is a handful of sub-par practices from Jimmy and a mediocre at best preseason game against the Saints. The only real regular season action Garoppolo has seen was week 17 of the 2014 season against Buffalo at Gillette Stadium. In that game Garoppolo went 10 for 17 and led the team on only one scoring drive where they notched a field goal.

garoppolo gif

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Now trust me, I am certainly no Ryan Tannehill fan. The guy is everything you can despise about the quarterback position. Selfish, has zero leadership qualities, and he has the physical attributes but does not seem to have the intangibles a quarterback needs. However, he has started all 16-games in each of his four seasons, and averages 3,865 yards, and 22 touchdowns per season. He also played college football in the Big-12 conference as opposed to Garoppolo playing in the Ohio Valley Conference.

Tyrod Taylor certainly is a player I would take over Jimmy Garoppolo to start four games right now. In his first season as a starter last season he threw for 3,035 yard and 20 touchdowns in 14 games. In addition, he ran for 568 yards with four scores on his feet. Also, Taylor is one of the best deep throwers in the league. That is something even an average football can tell Garoppolo is incapable of.

Let’s not even get started on Ryan Fitzpatrick because there is no way Garoppolo could play against the Jets the way Fitzpatrick did against the Patriots twice last season.

Is this a pessimistic outlook? Yes. However, it is also fairly realistic. We know virtually nothing about Jimmy Garoppolo. He has never started a game in the NFL. Fitzpatrick, Tannehill, and Taylor have probably started more than Jimmy will ever start. So let’s pump the brakes on him and start praising the proven talent all-around him, because that ultimately is what will make him look good.



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