Patriots Injuries Are Pilling Up Once Again Before The Season Even Begins


By: Jake Mackey

Last season, the New England Patriots began to unravel after their week nine contest against the Washington Redskins when Dion Lewis tore his ACL. The following week, Julian Edelman broke his foot, and from there minor injuries popped up seemingly on every other play and the team went 2-4 down the stretch.

This season, the Patriots should have the best team in the NFL even with Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. They have the defense filled with young talent in their prime, and the offensive weapons are among the tops in the league. The only thing holding them back from being the sure fire team-to-beat is injuries, and as it appears injuries are already starting to pile up.

It was reported by Jim McBride of the Boston Globe on Sunday that Dion Lewis, Sebastian Vollmer, and Shaq Mason all are suffering from serious injuries.

Wow. Injuries pilling up on a Sunday before the season has even begun. These are three injuries that certainly will not cost the team the season, but they are worrisome nonetheless.

I am not throwing in the towel on Dion Lewis, but I for sure have it ready to go. This is what he has been his entire career, and it is why he has not flourished yet as an NFL running back. The, “made of glass” phrase is used far too much when it comes to football players, but when it comes to Dion Lewis it fits like a glove. He was running around in OTA’s catching deep balls, and then as training camp starts he is nowhere to be seen and we find out three weeks in that he is heading for the PUP list because of a, “clean-up procedure”? Interesting to say the least.

Dion Lewis is not the heart beat of the offense, but he adds that spark that no other player has added in the past. Please, do not anticipate that spark from James White again because you will be disappointed for a second straight year. 

When it comes to Vollmer, it is safe to say that his time with the Patriots is certainly all but over. The guy is a terrific player and tough as nails, but just can’t fight the injury bug. Whether it is concussions, shoulder surgeries, or now his hip problem, the 32-year old should probably just play it safe and hang up the cleats.

The Vollmer injury is alarming for this season due to the lack of depth at the offensive tackle spot. Last October, Nate Solder tore his bicep in Dallas and the line went to shambles after that. Now, get ready for it Patriots fans, here comes the Cannon. Marcus Cannon that is. Add to that, Shaq Mason now has a broken hand and now a rookie or Josh Kline has to be plugged in to start the season.

Furthermore, what is going on with Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, and oh yeah Tom Brady? Amendola’s injury was not suppose to be serious a few months back, but he has yet to practice this summer. Gronkowski has not been seen since he came up lame in drills last week, even though that was reportedly, “not serious.” Finally, Tom Brady slices throwing thumb with scissors before last Thursday’s game and has yet to be seen since then. He has been excused from the first two practices of this week for, “non-injury reasons.” According to Bill Belichick it is a, “personal situation.” Okay, that just seems a tad bit fishy.

The Patriots are not doomed. They still have the best team in the National Football League. However, it is concerning that the season has yet to really begin and the injury bug is already starting to hit them like it did last season.


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