So Long To Gronk and Another Patriots Season


By: Jake Mackey

According to multiple sources, Patriots All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski has a ruptured disk in his back and will require surgery.

The timing of when Gronk’s injury occurred seems to be the issue right now, which leads most to believe that once again there is friction between the Patriots and, “Gronk Incorporated” in terms of Rob’s health status. On one hand you have Vic Carucci, a Buffalo reporter who has been life-long friends with Papa Gronk, reporting that the injury occurred against Seattle which insinuates that the Patriots rushed him back to play against the Jets. Then you have Patriots beat reporter Jeff Howe reporting information, likely coming from the team, falsifying Carucci’s report.

The friction between the Gronkowski clan and the team is nothing new. We saw it in 2012 after the team rushed him back from a broken arm, then the following season when he held himself out for six weeks, last season when the team and the Gronkowski family came out with a join statement in regards to a bruised knee, and now finally this. Could this finally be the straw that brakes the camels back for lack of a better term. Have we seen the last of Rob Gronkowski in a Patriots uniform? That is a topic for another blog.

When it comes to this season, the Patriots are toast. Yes Martellus Bennett is better Gronk insurance than any tight end the team has had since 2012 when a certain player was wearing number 81 for the Patriots. Bennett can be 80-percent of what Gronkowski is, but that 20-percent is what puts the offense over the top in January and February.

We have seen it time and time again over the past seven seasons. 2011, Gronk is a decoy in the Super Bowl because of a ruptured ankle and the offense struggles. 2012, broken arm causes Gronkowski to miss the AFC Championship which allows the Ravens to come to Foxborough and bully the Patriots offense. 2013, torn ACL forces Brady to throw deep to Matthew Slater and Matthew Mulligan in the AFC Championship in Denver. Then comes 2014 and when Gronkowski is fully healthy and he has three postseason touchdowns and they win the Super Bowl. The Patriots season for the past couple of years has relied solely on the health of three players; Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski. If one is out everything goes down hill, and that is more than likely the fate of the 2016 New England Patriots season, down hill.

Also, the Madden Curse is back.




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